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DeKara Collection is an exclusive online store, focusing on providing a platform for all the perfect products for you and loved one’s.

DeKara Collection is unique in it’s own having both French and Serbian influence in creating this amazing brand.DeKara is both my husband’s and my name combined (Dejan and Karen Leigh). The logo of the ‘raven bird’, which is the symbol of our Serbian last name, depicting strength, individualism and independence. The royal crown on his head is from my French side of the family dating back some 300 years from the King of France. This crown adds the gourmet touch of elegance, quality and attention to the smallest details creating the best products. DeKara Collection was created in Saigon – a mystical, passionate and heart warming Asian country.

Inspired by a family history of baking, cooking, fashion, interior design, and venture capitalism, Dejan and Karen follow their passion for creating cakes cupcakes as well as products using natural ingredients for the ‘living a healthy life in style’.

The DeKara Collection is a carefully selected range of health products, health teas, gourmet cakes and cupcakes, focusing on the special attention to detail whether it is for a regular order, special occasion or that special gift to be delivered to a friend or family’s doorstep